The ‘Reopen’ guidance (July 2020). What to expect when coming to RR.

  1. Wait in the car until we phone you to come into the Salon.
  2. One-way system will in place in through the main door and exit through the fire exit.
  3. Temperatures will be taken for clients and staff.
  4. Disposable aprons, gowns, towels, face masks and visors will be used.
  5. Face masks will be offered to each client and extra charge will be added onto the final bill.
  6. Each client will be asked to wear the face masks.
  7. Each member of staff will work in a space with a 2-metre perimeter.
  8. Back wash area only two stylists with clients allowed at a time.
  9. Payment will be taken at reception desk of the remainder of the balance or via bacs. No cash payments.
  10. Rebooking appointments to be taken at the station not the desk or via email after the appointment.
  11. After client leaves the whole station needs to be cleaned down Chair/Products/all metal arms of
  12. Water will be provided in disposable cups if your client would like to bring in their own food and
  13. No magazines will be available.
  14. Hand Sanitiser will be available.
  15. There will be price increase & PPE charge.
  16. Clients to come alone for their appointment, unless your child/children are booked in.
  17. No walk in appointments.
  18. No waiting area.
  19. Coats/Bags to be minimal and kept with the client.
  20. 50% deposit to be taken for every appointment.
  21. Skin test will be needed for every client. This will be needed 48 hours prior to appointment.
  22. Please cancel 48 hours before your appointment if you have any symptoms.
  23. No dry cut service available.